"My experience here was above and beyond excellent. Although the facility was quite small, the service was nothing but quality.

I was referred by my primary dentist to this place for a root canal treatment. Not going to lie, I was pretty scared at first since I haven't gone to a random specialist in while, also with this pandemic happening, I had my worries; but as soon as I stepped in they already had their procedures adjusted in taking extra precaution of germs spreading.

Before the procedure, Dr. Fu explained to me on what was going to happen and why they're doing this procedure. He also made it more comfortable for me by making a casual conversation when all I could really think about was those numbing shots. The numbing shots weren't bad at all! Slight pinch in the beginning but I could barely feel it. I really appreciated how he constantly checked up on me during the procedure. By the end of it he informed me on what was going to happen next with some advice.

Dr. Fu was amazing! He's such a knowledgeable and compassionate doctor. You could really tell how much he cares about his patients.

Thank you Aloha Endodontics for the excellent service!"

Edwin B.


Dr. Fu and his staff are awesome! I was referred to him before and couldn't have asked for a better Dentist Specialist to help me. Now I'm back because he is the one I trust to do this extensive work on my molar.
Very compassionate, understanding, professional, empathetic, and really listens to the patient.  Thank you Dr. Fu for your heart to help people. If you ever need a specialist for root canals and other procedures go to Dr. Fu at Aloha Endodontics."

Wallyn C.


"Okay, I'm leaving on a trip in one month.   I go in for my routine cleaning and just advise my dentist that I have an issue with a little bump on my gum.  He immediately refers me to go check out Aloha Endodontics because he fears I may have an issue that would require a root canal.   I was concerned about getting one done right before my trip but since I didn't want to ruin said trip with toothaches, we go ahead and schedule the appt.   I'm concerned as this is my first root canal and have heard all sorts of negative things.  They call me with an estimate that I think is more than fair.   I take some Advil before heading to their convenient Kapolei location.

I am floored by how friendly and inviting the team is.  Dr. Fu immediately allays all my fears and walks me through the whole process.   I'm all geared up mentally for a long process that will take a while and be painful.   Long story short, he was so quick and efficient, that I thought he was only doing the preliminaries before he advises that he's about 60% done.  They do their duties, get it done, walk me through the next steps and I'm out in an hour.   No pain at all (maybe because of the Advil) but still.  There's all these jokes about root canals being some of the worst experiences, but because of the team at Aloha Endodontics, the fear was worse than the procedure.  Thanks, Dr. Fu and team!"

Jonathan L.


"Staff was awesome. They Called a day ahead to remind and confirm my appointment. Location is pretty easy to find.

Dr. Fu worked on my root Canal, great guy, made sure I was ok the whole time. Procedure was quick and painless lol hopefully I don't need another one, but if I do, I would definitely come back here."

Seka T.


"I went for my root canal at the Waipio location. The offices itself were just super clean and modern. I entered my info via iPad. Dr. Fu and his staff were so nice and accommodating. I have dental anxiety and explained this to them. They really helped me take care of it and while becoming sedated, I was allowed to watch Netflix and get comfy. He takes pain very seriously and it's his priority to make sure you aren't in any. Super great experience, I feel a little spoiled now."

Rayleen E.


"I would highly recommend Dr.Fu! He is very professional, friendly, and willing to work with the patient. I would definitely bring my family to him if they ever need treatment."

Kimura M.


Let's start off by saying ALL of the office staff are friendly and AWESOME! When I first stepped into the office and checked in I felt so welcomed. The office is beautiful and relaxing!

After checking in, Michelle took me right away to get my X-ray done and helped prepare me for my root canal. I told her that I have really bad anxiety and she reassured me that it was gonna be ok and that Dr. Fu will pause if I feel the pain. Before we started the numbing process I was able to watch Netflix and calm myself down.

Dr. Fu came in and he was so friendly. He made me feel comfortable and always checked on me while doing my root canal. The numbing process did take long, but I DID NOT FEEL ANYTHING during my root canal.

I honestly can say I had a painless, quick, and great root canal.

Aubrie-Marie D.




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